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Another year is over and hope all our clients had a great Christmas and look forward to a wonderful New Year.

2017 was a crazy year for farming. We received over 300mm of unseasonal rain in February. The start of the cropping season in May and June was very dry and crops got off to a slow start. Too get a reasonable crop we needed rain and cool weather in August and September. Fortunately this was the case and the crops finished off well.

October was the start of hay cutting and baling. Rain is not welcome when the hay season commences. Thankfully the rain stayed away and all the hay was baled as top quality.

Hay season led onto harvest in November. The dry start had reduced crop yields but the good finishing rains got us more grain than expected.

Harvest finished before Christmas and all the equipment was cleaned down and put away ready for the next crop.

Xmas was a great day with family and friends.

Lucerne hay was ready to bale boxing day so Jayden and myself went Gingin to bale this years Lucerne crop. The humidity was perfect and made for a great nights baling.

Jason and Jayden are now enjoying a well earnt holiday while the rest of us continue to deliver hay while the sun shines.

Over and Out

Brett Smith.


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